ORCA dragon boats | 1222/912 Racing | IDBF standard

Please contact us at info@motionmaster.com.au for more information about 1222/912 Racing boats.
  • Accessories

    • 1 dragon head,
    • 1 dragon tail,
    • 1 drum,
    • 2 drumsticks,
    • 1 drum seat,
    • 1 steering oar.
  • Freight

    Freight varies depending on quantities, cities, transportation methods and etc.


    Please contact MotionMaster for your specific delivery fee at info@motionmaster.com.au.

  • Boat dimensions

    20s' racing dragon boat:

    Total length 14.30m; hull length 12.40m; width 1.14m; depth 1.00m.


    10s' racing dragon boat:

    Total length 11.50m; hull length 9.60m; width 1.00m; depth 0.49m.


  • Other features

    • Smoothly chamfered glass fibre gunwale with soft cover, a great balance of protection to both boat and paddles;
    • Glass fibre drummer seat, more durable than timber seats;
    • 2 drumsticks fit for different drumming styles.
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