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All paddles we sell are carbon fibre, light weighted, top quality racing paddles!


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The WIND paddle  is the choice of both

The Chinese National Dragon Boat Team &

AURORAS, The Australian National Team.


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MotionMaster is an Australian-based company owned by former Head Coach of the Australian Dragon Boating Team, Serghei Cucsa (PhD).

MotionMaster is the nominated international distributor of ORCA™ dragon boats and WIND™ paddles.



WIND™ which is known as 元素  (LOGO) in China, is located in Canton and has specialised in high-quality dragon boat racing gear for 30 years.

The current director of WIND™, Jianli Xu, spent 16 years paddling for the Chinese National Dragon Boat Team and is passionate about quality and efficacy.​

The WIND™ paddle is the choice of over 80 teams including The Chinese National Dragon Boat Team and AURORAS, The Australian National Dragon Boat Team.



ORCA™ is IDBF certified high performance dragon boat manufacturer, in categories of both 1222 and 912 racing boats.

ORCA™ dragon boats are featured in light weight, durability, ergonomic internal design and authentically engraved traditional dragon head and tail.

ORCA™ dragon boats are well recoganized in Asian and European and American regions including Hongkong, Singapore, Spain and USA.


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