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About MotionMaster

& Serghei Cusca (PhD)

MotionMaster is an Australian-based company owned by the Head Coach of the Australian Dragon Boating Team, Serghei Cucsa (PhD).


Serghei gained a PhD in Sports Science from the St Petersburg Scientific Institute of Sport and Physical Education. Through his roles in the scientific support team for the National Soviet Union Canoeing Team and as a coach for the Australian Canoeing Team, Serghei has been able to apply his specialised, in-depth knowledge to the international sporting arena with remarkable success. 


For the last eight years Serghei has been busy in his current role as the Head Coach of the Australian Dragon Boating Team. Under his careful guidance, the national team has brought home 220 medals from four Asian Championships and four World Championships.


Throughout his experience coaching high level athletes Serghei knew that high-quality sporting equipment is one of the major keys to success in any sport.


Having witnessed both the best and the worst equipment available to athletes and how it effects performance the MotionMaster team decided to create a one-stop shop for affordable, premium-grade paddling gear. We assessed a wide range of paddling products available on the market and found that “Wind” paddling gear satisfied all requirements needed, hence we decided to be a part of it.


MotionMaster is the nominated international distributor of WIND™ dragon boat equipment.


About WIND™

WIND™ which is known as 元素  (LOGO) in China, is located in Canton and has specialised in high-quality dragon boat racing gear for 30 years.

The current director of WIND™, Jianli Xu, spent 16 years paddling for the Chinese National Dragon Boat Team and is passionate about quality and efficacy.

The WIND™ paddle is the choice of over 80 clubs including The Chinese National Dragon Boat Team.

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